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Welcome to the new National Locksmith Registry

This registry is open to ALL Locksmiths (not just Institutional) and security personnel whether they are currently members of an existing organization or not. The National Locksmith Registry has been created in order to provide a legitimate database of Locksmiths and Security personnel from across Canada who have completed and passed an RCMP criminal background check (form C216-C).best replica watches This registry is for individuals only and not open to companies or corporations. The registry will not interfere with any province’s existing Locksmith legislation and will only go to enhance our industry in the last remaining areas of Canada where there is no legitimate licensing and legislation. The National Locksmith Registry is a creation of and owned by ILOC and will provide the public, corporate, institutional and private sectors with the means to carry out safety and due diligence checks of their contractors and installers of security and door hardware as well as create peace of mind with residential customers regarding who is controlling the keys to their homes. This is a serious issue that has been neglected for far too long. The new National Locksmith Registry will go hand in hand with proper training to provide our industry with the best Locksmiths and security personnel possible for our clients.

To register, please complete the following steps.

1) Visit the RCMP website at for a quick link on how to obtain a criminal background check.

2) Visit the ILOC website at and download the registry application form.

3) Mail the completed form along with a photocopy of the approved RCMP background check (no faxes accepted), a passport size colour photo and the $10CDN processing fee to the ILOC office as stated on the registration form. All picture ID cards will carry the name, IWC Replica company where the registrant is currently employed and the expiry date, which will be three years from the registration date.






51 Artreeva Drive
Downsview, ON
M3H 4T9


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